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Kilimanjaro Webcam, Kenya

The photo was taken Sun Apr 30 23:15:40 2017

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Campi ya Kanzi is widely recognized as one of the most unique and inspiring safari experiences in Africa. Situated in the legendary Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya, with sweeping views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Ernest Hemingway's "Green Hills of Africa", this award-winning ecolodge provides visitors with an inspiring yet environmentally conscious safari experience unlike any other. 5-star luxury lodging and amenities, thrilling outdoor adventure and wildlife encounters, and an authentic connection to the local Maasai people - Campi ya Kanzi provides it all with a zero carbon footprint, and leverages the benefits of ecotourism to help protect the local environment and preserve the Maasai culture. The camera looks out over the watering hole towards Mount Kilimanjaro.

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